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The purpose of our website is to simply introduce and make known of the massive variety of great Christian music out there. Having grown up and been influenced most of my life by all genres of Christian music, I desire to show anyone who is willing to listen that there is good wholesome music with encouraging and uplifting lyrics to switch on to besides what out there in the world.  So join me and discover and re-discover the Father as IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM!


Who I Am

Who I Am

I am
It's been said I am a Pentadist... I attend a Methodist church and worked there for some time and yet attended and also worked in a Pentacostal church too... go figure!  Right now I am back helping at my former church (the pentacostal one) and  also doing this interesting project of radio, music research, music introduction, podcasting and broadcasting...    
I have a heart for youth; have had a passion to reach out to them for over 30 years. Have work full-time in various Christian organizations dealing with youths. I love music a lot too. Don't ask me what my favorite genre is though.  I could simply sit down and listen to an opera and the next moment , put on  a heavy metal album and enjoy it to its 'core'!  In that same breath, I love spontaneous worship and EDM too... and yes I keep up with the Jones' listening to my kids' K-pop music... 
I also love sports- Liverpool Football Club is my club! Used to coach football and I am itching to do so again. Maybe Jurgen Klopp will hire me??
ps: I am a sucker for Green Lantern...

DJ ELC of Ch4mp10n FM

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