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A Litany Of Prayer For The War In Ukraine

Heavenly Father, You are the God of righteousness and peace; Have mercy upon the nations now engaged in a bitter war in Ukraine.

Save us the menace of this war. Guide the leaders of the world to help make this war to cease and restrain it from escalating.

Remove the madness of fear and suspicions, greed and covetousness, hatred and arrogance that separate nations from nations.

Break the power of the aggressor. Deliver the victims. Have compassion on the wounded and dying; comfort the broken-hearted and the bereaved who lost husband or wife or children or parents, livelihood, security and homes.

Give peace in our time, O Lord. You have the power to bring good out of evil and turn the madness of this war to Your praise

Unite the nations of this world towards a common submission to Your most holy will.

And hasten the time when the kingdoms of this world shall become the Kingdom of Your Son, our Savior, the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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