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Daily Devotional Luke 24:13–32

When I was in high school, my parents presented me with a Thompson Chain Reference Bible that I used as my main Bible for many years. By studying its extensive cross-references, I came to see the intricate interconnectedness of all Scripture. The Bible contains 66 books by many human authors, but it’s also one Book with one divine Author, built around one Story: redemption in Jesus Christ.

He explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.

LUKE 24:27

That’s the story Jesus told to two of His followers: one named Cleopas, about whom we don’t know much, and the second unnamed. On a journey to Emmaus, they were discussing what had happened during Passion Week (vv. 14, 19–24). When Jesus joined them, they did not recognize Him (vv. 15–16). He rebuked them as “foolish” and “slow to believe” for their lack of understanding. They had failed to see what Scripture as a whole, and especially Messianic prophecy, had clearly foretold (vv. 25–26).

Jesus explained the Old Testament Scriptures concerning Himself (v. 27). How amazing it would have been to listen in on that Bible lesson! Cleopas and his companion said it made their hearts burn within them (v. 32). If I could choose to be present for just one episode in the Gospels, excluding the Crucifixion and Resurrection, this might be the one. The two followers wanted to hear more, so they invited Him to dinner. Just as they began to eat, His identity was revealed, and He vanished. They turned around and hurried back to Jerusalem to report to the disciples.

The Bible was penned by human authors from various cultures and historical eras, yet it has one Author. Many stories of faith and failure, yet it tells one Story—the gospel we’re commissioned to take to the world (Matt. 28:19–20)!

>> One reason we study both the Old and New Testaments at Today in the Word is that all of God’s Word is inspired and useful (2 Tim. 3:16). As believers, we should study to become familiar with the entire Bible.

Pray with Us

Teach us Your Word! Nurture in us a thirst for Your Word and a joy in learning. Teach us to discern between sound teaching and false teaching. Give us opportunities to help others see what You have taught us!

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