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Daily Devotional Genesis 18:1–15

Have you ever been faced something that felt beyond your ability? Maybe you felt so overwhelmed that you gave up without even trying. That’s the situation Sarah faced when God promised her a child in her old age. How could she believe Him?

Is anything too hard for the LORD?


Sarah and her husband, Abraham, were staying near Hebron (v. 1). Abraham was relaxing during the heat of the day when he saw three men approaching (v. 2). He ran to meet them, bowing down and calling them “Lord.” He offered them bread and water (vv. 4–5) but then asked Sarah to bake an enormous amount of bread (v. 6). They slaughtered a choice calf and served the meat with curds and milk (v. 8). This was a feast fit for a king or, perhaps, appropriate as a sacrifice to the Lord (Lev. 24:5).

We aren’t told when Abraham realized his visitors were not ordinary men. While commentators differ on the exact interpretation, most suggest that Abraham was visited by God and the two angels who would go to Sodom the next day. Abraham responded as you might expect. He ran to them, spoke with great respect, and prepared an extravagant meal. As it says of hospitality in Hebrews 13:2, “some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”

God and the two angels hadn’t come solely for Abraham; they had an important message for Sarah (v. 9). The Lord affirmed to Sarah that she would bear a son within a year (v. 10). Sarah struggled with this news. She was far past child-bearing age. She had lived for years hoping for a child only to be disappointed month after month. Her laughter stemmed from a sense of hopelessness (v. 12). She needed to be reminded that nothing is too hard for the Lord (v. 14). God delights in doing the impossible. He also delights in the faith of His people.

Go Deeper

Do you sometimes struggle to believe God’s promises? How can Sarah’s story encourage you in your own?

Pray with Us

We are bound by the laws of nature You established when You created the world. You, however, are not limited like we are. Almighty God, we can trust You to accomplish what is impossible for us.

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