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Daily Devotional Genesis 12: 1-9

Do you ever yearn for adventure? For some this might mean a winding road trip and camping out under the stars. For others it means trying exotic foods or exploring a new city. Most of us find it exciting to go where we’ve never gone before. In Genesis 12, God told another one of His unlikely leaders to venture into the unknown. Even better, God promised that the entire world would be blessed one day through him and his journey.

All peoples on earth will be blessed through you.


In Genesis 12, we read how God began a new relationship with humanity. The troubled days of Noah were over, and God wanted to restore the relationship, He once had with His creation before sin entered the world. The Lord chose Abram and took him on an unexpected journey that would demonstrate to the world that He is God.

Yahweh commanded Abram to leave Harran, his people, and his extended family (v. 1). Leaving the known and entering the unknown would have been terrifying. Abram had no smart device to help him navigate the terrain. He couldn’t Google the best ways to stay out of danger on the trip. All he had (and all he needed) was a promise from the Lord Almighty.

God promised to make Abram’s offspring into a great nation with a great name (v. 2). Abram was not venturing into the unknown to fulfill his craving to explore. Instead, he was obeying what the Lord commanded him to do. God promised that not only would Abram and his family be blessed (v. 2), but the entire world would be blessed through him (v. 3). Did you catch that? The promise God made to Abram was not just to him and his family, but to everyone, including you and me.

>> What adventure might God be calling you to take? You can trust God that when He places a task on your heart, He will provide everything you need to accomplish it. God wants to use leaders like you to bless others.

Pray with Us

Today we ask You to provide for us the things we need to obey You. Give us spiritual gifts of love, discernment, and perseverance to honor You. Provide the resources we need to do our work well, so that our work reflects You.

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