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Daily Devotional Genesis 24:1–67

One historian estimated that there have been over 100 million love songs published since music began to be recorded. People are drawn to a good love story, especially one with ups and downs that ends with a “happily ever after.”

I praised the LORD, the God of my master Abraham, who had led me on the right road.


Genesis 24 presents a dramatic love story. In Abraham’s world, marriages were arranged between families. What was unusual is that Abraham did not want his son to marry one of their neighbors. While Abraham had committed to living in the Land of Canaan, he did not want to become a Canaanite (v. 3). Believing in God’s promise, he charged his servant with finding a bride for Isaac from his own people in Mesopotamia (vv. 6–9). This would not be easy. The woman and her whole family would have to agree to allow her to leave her homeland.

The servant showed dependence upon the Lord. He prayed about the project. He also administered a kind of test. He was looking for a woman who would be hospitable and kind. When arriving at a watering hole with ten camels, he would ask a woman for a drink. If the woman provided a drink for him and offered to give water to the camels, he would know this was the woman the Lord had chosen (v. 14). Not only did Rebekah pass this test, it turned out she was also a relative of Abraham (v. 24). The servant burst out in praise at this answer to prayer. God had shown himself faithful to Abraham once again (v. 27).

Rebekah played an important role in the story. Like Abraham, she was willing to leave her homeland and go to a land she did not know (v. 58). God will provide a way for His will to be accomplished, but that does not mean we are passive in the process.

Go Deeper

What did the servant do when given a task that was both difficult and extremely important? How can his example help us when we are faced with important decisions?

Pray with Us

Father God, You have promised to provide, and we know that You are the promise-keeper. We ask that You make clear the steps You want us to take as we follow and trust You. Give us courage to obey You, even in the unknown.

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