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Daily Devotional Luke 10: 38-42

Pick any year, and you can easily name a corporate scandal, whether Enron, the Volkswagen emissions, or, more recently, the corruption of the cryptocurrency FTX Trading company. It’s no wonder we find it difficult to trust leaders! By contrast, authentic leadership encourages leaders to be self-aware, transparent, and lead from the heart. For the next three days, we will read the same text considering three different types of leadership. First, we’ll understand what it means to lead with authenticity by learning from Mary.

You are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one.

LUKE 10:41–42

In Luke 10, Jesus visited the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. It was rare for a rabbi to allow women to sit at his feet, but Jesus was different, and so was Mary. She soaked up Jesus’ teaching like a sponge and had a hunger for learning. Mary was confident in who she was but also aware of her surroundings.

Authentic leaders are transparent; they allow others to see their emotions. Mary exhibited these qualities. After her brother Lazarus died and Jesus showed up late to the funeral, Mary openly and honestly let Jesus know how hurt she was. When He saw Mary’s authentic self, Jesus was “deeply moved in spirit and troubled” and later wept (see also John 11:33–35).

Mary was focused on the bigger picture. She did not get caught up in the details like her sister, Martha. In our text, Jesus tells Martha that Mary has “chosen what is better” (v. 42). Having an authentic relationship with the Lord is the most crucial part of one’s life. Mary was willing to share her emotions with others. Some may view Mary as lazy or overly dramatic, but she was a woman whom the Lord used to teach others about Himself and His kingdom.

>> Being an authentic leader takes vulnerability. How can you be more transparent with the people in your life, especially those under your leadership? Explore ways to share what is in your heart with others.

Pray with Us

Lord, we want to lead with honesty and vulnerability, but how do we do this appropriately? Please teach us to be transparent in a way that honors You and give us grace when we make mistakes.

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