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Betrayed And Denied

Daily Devotional Luke 22: 1-38

Are you willing to take a stand for Christ? As our culture leans further away from God and the Bible, living our faith boldly becomes harder, and perhaps even more important.

I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail.

LUKE 22:32

For Jesus’ disciples, the time had come for them to take a stand. Luke 22 records their preparations for the Passover meal. Everything happened just as Jesus said it would (vv. 7–13). At the table, Jesus spoke with great emotion about His approaching suffering and death. Then, He served the bread, making of it a fresh symbol—His body, broken on their behalf. The cup, too, was given new meaning —His blood, shed for them for the forgiveness of sins (vv. 14–20).

But the biggest surprise was when Jesus announced that His betrayer was present (v. 21). The disciples responded with confusion. Who could it be? At the same time, they began a petty debate over who would be the greatest among them (v. 24). Even while Jesus faced betrayal by someone in their midst, they were concerned about their own glory in the future kingdom of God.

With unparalleled patience, Jesus reminded them that He had taught them to be different from the world. He did not call them to rule; He called them to serve. And in an act of grace, He still promised them a future place of prominence by His side.

In verse 31, Jesus spoke directly to Peter. Satan had asked to test Peter, much like He had with Job. Jesus predicted Peter’s fall and restoration and promised His own prayers of intercession. Peter was taken aback by this information. He denied his own ability to waver and declared complete allegiance. But Jesus knew Peter even better than Peter did. He would deny Jesus not just once, but three times.

>> There may be times when you will be tempted to deny or downplay the gospel or your allegiance to Jesus Christ. In our daily prayer time, we can ask God for boldness to speak the truth and to stand for Him no matter what.

Pray with Us

Lord God, whether we face ridicule or physical danger, we are sometimes tempted to distance ourselves from You. Forgive us for fearing man more than God. Strengthen our faith and boldness in proclaiming our allegiance.

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