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Daily Devotional Romans 1:1–7

Many factors contribute to the formation of our worldview. Our family background. The teaching we received. The community we experienced. Our education. Our culture. Our media and music. The people we admire. The experiences we survived. Each plays a role.

Through him we received grace and apostleship to call all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from faith for his name’s sake.


Ultimately, the book of Romans is about worldview. It is a richly doctrinal letter to the Christians in Rome (mostly Gentiles), but also to us. Throughout the letter, Paul explains what it means to be justified by faith and the transforming power of the gospel. When studied and received, Romans can anchor our worldview in the most important truths.

In today’s passage, Paul intro- duces himself by explaining his position and purpose. Paul was a servant of Christ Jesus, “called to be an apostle” (v. 1). The word called here is kletos, derived from kaleo. God placed a special calling on Paul’s life when He appeared to him in a blinding light on the Damascus Road (Acts 9). As an apostle, Paul’s purpose would be to proclaim the gospel of God, the good news of redemption found only in Jesus.

In verses 2–4, Paul elaborates on the gospel message, rooted in the Old Testament prophets (v. 2). This good news is dependent on the identity of Jesus—who was both fully human (v. 3) and the divine, resurrected Son of God (v. 4).

Paul’s apostolic calling was not for his own benefit (vv. 5–6). Rather, he received this grace in order to call (kletos) the Gentiles to a relationship with Christ—a life of obedience that grows out of faith (v. 5), a position of belonging (v. 6), a relationship of love, and the designation of “holy people” or “saints” (v. 7)—with all of the privileges and promises that God bestows upon His people.

>> Verses 5–7 help us understand the general call that Jesus extends to all who believe. If you are a Christ-follower, He calls you to that life of obedience, position of belonging, relationship of love, and designation of “saint.”

Pray with Us

Along with Paul, Peter, James, John, and countless others, You have called each of us to receive grace and apostleship; to call others to obedience and faith for Your name’s sake. We are called to love You and to be Your holy people.

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