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Forgive One Another

Daily Devotional Colossians 3: 12-14

What did you put on this morning? Since it is a Saturday, perhaps you were able to wear your comfortable jeans and a sweatshirt. In today’s reading, the apostle Paul continues the idea of “putting on” or “clothing” oneself with attributes that help believers live in unity with one another (v. 12). Paul reminds believers that we are God’s special people, set apart and loved by God. How we choose to live and interact with one another should spring from our identity in Jesus Christ.

Bear with each other and forgive one another.


Paul transitions in the next verse to an area that many Christians struggle with and that is less frequently addressed: forgiveness. Paul encourages believers to forgive one another for any grievance. Many times, though, believers hold unforgiveness in their lives because they have not properly identified the grievances they have against one another. The word Paul uses for grievance can also be thought of as a complaint against someone, a quarrel, or our tendency to place blame.

It may be easier for us to identify the larger sins that require forgiveness (for example, drunkenness, slander, etc.), but we have all been guilty of complaints and grievances. We excuse it as “giving much needed advice.” Often this advice is actually a criticism or quarrel that has yet to surface. However, when we can properly identify our objections toward one another, we are then able to forgive as the Lord forgave us (v. 13).

Paul saves the best for last and shares the “not so secret” secret that binds the perfect unity of one another: love. Out of all the virtues you can “put on,” love is the most important (v. 14). The love of Christ ties everything and everyone together.

>> Have you been hanging on to any grievances or complaints toward= another believer? Paul’s words urge us to forgive them, either in our heart or with our words so we can live in unity with one another.

Pray with Us

How do we forgive others for pain that still smarts? How do we forgive people who will never apologize? We need You to help us let go of grievances. Please, help us forgive.

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