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Daily Devotional Matthew 7:24–29

The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy is known for both its beauty and its defect. The structure leans because it was built on a mixture of clay, sand, and shells. As the bell tower was being built, the ground shifted beneath the foundation. Great effort and expense have been put forth to prevent the Tower of Pisa from leaning any further so that it can remain a popular tourist attraction.

Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.


While we might visit Italy to see a tilting structure, we don’t want our own homes to slip and crumble. Engineers and builders will go to great lengths to ensure that a building’s foundation is firm, level, solid, and designed to last. We know the importance of a strong foundation.

Jesus concludes the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7 with a powerful illustration of two builders— one wise, the other foolish. The wise one builds his house on rock, symbolizing a life built on the solid foundation of God’s truth. The foolish builder, however, builds his house on sand, representing a life built without regard to God’s Word. But just as in life, “the rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat” on both homes.

No one is immune to life’s troubles. The question is: Which home would stand up against this onslaught? Jesus illustrates the strength provided by a solid foundation based on the teachings of God’s Word. In storms and floods, only the house built on rock would stand firm. His continual presence would provide strength for His followers even amid storms. Matthew notes the crowd’s reaction to Jesus: they were “amazed” (v. 28). Why? “He taught as one who had authority” (v. 29). Jesus would provide the firm foundation they needed.

Go Deeper

In what way do you allow God’s Word to shape your thoughts, actions, and decisions? Why do we sometimes “invest” in something that is “shifting sand”? How can we increase the strength of our foundation?

Pray with Us:

Dear God, we rejoice that Your presence is a strong foundation for our lives. Awaken us to Your power, that we may remember how very near to us You are. Give us perseverance to live in the reality of the new life You give.

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