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Daily Devotional Genesis 3:8–24

When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, a profound change occurred in the world; things have never been the same since. The pair felt shame for the first time and tried to hide their bodies from one another. When they heard God walking in the Garden, they hid (v. 8). Humans have been hiding from God ever since. Sin has impacted all our relationships.

I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers.


Adam and Eve’s sin also revealed God’s character. After the Fall, God did not immediately strike down Adam and Eve. He sought after them. They may have tried to hide from God, but God pursued them. He called to the man, “Where are you?” (v. 9). And He asked the woman, “What is this you have done?” (v. 13). Of course, God already knew. But He allowed them the opportunity to confess their sin. God’s grace was also seen in how He provided for Adam and Eve. He replaced their fumbling attempt at clothing with leather coverings (v. 21).

God’s justice was also evident. He pronounced judgment on the serpent, the woman, and the man (vv. 14–19). Childbearing would be difficult. There would be tension in marriage relationships (v. 16). Work would be toilsome and full of obstacles (v. 17). Death would be inevitable (v. 19).

Yet even in judgment, God’s grace shone through. God only cursed the serpent and the ground (vv. 14, 17). The man and the woman were not cursed. God promised that an offspring of the woman would crush the offspring of the serpent (v. 15). There we see a glimmer of hope for the coming of the future Redeemer. God had not given up on humanity. That is our hope. The God who pronounced judgment on the serpent, Adam, and Eve also promised to redeem what was lost.

Go Deeper

Try to imagine a world without sin. We would hardly recognize it. What would it be like to have friendships, work, and an environment that were unspoiled by sin?

Pray with Us

Even in the Fall, when You cursed the serpent and pronounced punishments on the man and woman, You made a promise that would be fulfilled by Your Son Jesus! Right after sin entered the world You promised redemption.

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