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How To Live A Holy Life

Daily Devotional Romans 6: 1-14

Our sin makes us the walking dead. And the practice of sin ultimately leads to physical and spiritual death (Rom. 6:23). If this is true, how can we possibly live a holy life?

Count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus. ROMANS 6:11

Today’s text describes a different kind of death when it speaks of our union with Christ (v. 5). What did Paul mean? First, dying to our sin is a matter of faith. We count on Jesus’ death and resurrection to change our relationship to sin. By depending on Christ’s death, we see ourselves as dead to sin and alive to God. This does not mean that we have lost the capacity to sin or even that sin no longer has any appeal. Instead, it means that we no longer have to live as slaves to sin (vv. 6–7).

Secondly, when we realize that we are dead to sin, we can make a conscious choice to live in the power that God provides through His Holy Spirit. Those who see themselves as alive to God are not trying to obey in their own strength. Instead, through the Spirit’s power, we refuse to obey sin’s evil desires, which is a kind of death (v. 12). We offer ourselves to God and see our body as an instrument of righteousness (v. 13). This is an act of faith as much as it is an exercise of the will.

The righteous life Paul describes is not just about living up to a standard. It means living out the life that Jesus Christ has imparted to us. While we were once dead, we now live for God by living in Christ. His life gives us power over sin.

>> What does it mean to be dead to sin and alive to God? What will change about your life as you consider yourself dead to sin? How does that impact your obedience?

Pray with Us

How, indeed, does our death to sin impact our obedience to You? Father, train in us the reflex of turning to You when we are tempted and asking for Your help to choose righteousness. By Your power, not ours.

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