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Daily Devotional 1 Chronicles 29: 1-20

Evangelist Dwight Lyman Moody was passionate about pouring into the next generation. In Chicago, he gathered orphans to begin his first Sunday School. Then, after founding Bible training schools in New England and Chicago, Moody determined that even poor and less-privileged students should be able to learn about God and His Word. While he asked supporters for help, he also paid the tuition for needy students out of his own pocket. Godly leaders practice what they preach.

I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity.


While yesterday we read how David was chosen by God to be Israel’s king, today we witness the end of his reign. King David was about to hand over the blueprints for God’s Temple to his son Solomon (v. 1). In one last act of leadership, David again led by example. Instead of taxing his people or enslaving foreigners to build the Temple, David donated his personal treasures to the building fund (v. 3). This set off a chain reaction of giving. The leaders of each family began to give willingly (v.6).

Then, with the whole assembly watching, David praised God. He exalted the Lord for His eternalness (v. 10), greatness and omnipotence (v. 11), provision, authority, and strength (v. 12). Verses 14–19 show the close relationship David had with God. He recognized that everything given was God’s to begin with (v. 16). He continued to lead with his heart, which means leading with integrity and honesty (v. 17). In the end, David recognized that God did not concern Himself with the amount that His people gave but rather with the manner in which it was given. Truly leading by example means more than just what people will see. People can tell when their leaders are being genuine and authentic.

>> Integrity is not gauged by what you do or don’t do when others are watching but rather by how you act when no one is around. Lead by example, especially when others can’t see you, and watch it make a difference in your life and the lives of those you lead.

Pray with Us

Echoing King David’s words, we pray: Everything we have and give comes from You. May You, our God, keep these desires and thoughts to know You in our hearts forever, and keep our hearts loyal to You.

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