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Daily Devotional Joshua 24: 14-18

The pandemic changed typical home life in both good and bad ways. Families were forced to work alongside each other, sharing more spaces and meals than before. Children observed their parents’ ability to problem-solve and trust God during challenging times. Time will only tell the spiritual impact that unexpected “time together” had on our families.

As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.

JOSHUA 24:15

In Joshua 24, we see the household of Joshua and his fellow Israelite families making a choice to serve God. After reminding the Israelites how God fulfilled His covenant by delivering them to the Promised Land (vv. 3–13), Joshua explained what they should do “now” (v. 14). First, he urged them to be faithful (v. 14). He commanded them to throw away any false idols they had carried from Egypt. Notice that he gave them a choice! “Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve” (v. 15). Being God’s leader does not mean we can demand obedience from others. Instead of dictating to the Israelites to serve Yahweh, Joshua led through example. He boldly declared, “As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD” (v. 15).

For Joshua, leadership started in his home. His most important mission field was his family. He first battled the enemy at the front door of his home. No false idols would seep into his household. They would serve the Lord. Joshua was not ashamed of his family’s allegiance to Yahweh.

Others witnessed Joshua and his family’s commitment to serve the Lord. They responded to the example set before them by recalling the many miracles of God. They remembered the Lord’s coat of protection he placed on them throughout their entire journey (vv. 16 17). They followed Joshua’s leadership and committed to serving Yahweh (v. 18).

>> Are you a leader in your home? You can influence your family through prayer, Scripture reading, daily devotions, spending time with your family members, writing letters or text messages to them. No matter what your role outside the home, what happens within is very important.

Pray with Us

We will serve You because You are God! As parents we long for our households to know and love You. Only You can change hearts. Conform our hearts to You so that whoever interacts with us sees You.

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