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Love, Compassion, Humility

Daily Devotional 1 Peter 3: 8-14

What would it look like to live such a Christian life that others couldn’t help but notice? Peter gives us some helpful instruction here on how to shine our light before others, by living with love, compassion, and humility.

Repay evil with blessing.

1 PETER 3:9

The word “finally” at the start of today’s reading is important. Peter is completing a “thought unit” on how to live as God’s chosen people, a section that began in chapter 2, verse 9. Love, compassion, and humility are essential Christian virtues. Obeying the series of commands in verses 8–9 will help us follow in Christ’s footsteps. Believers should be like-minded, living in unity and harmony (Phil. 2:2), as well as sympathetic, weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice (Rom. 12:15). We’re to love one another (1:22; John 13:34–35). We’re to be compassionate and humble, as Peter had learned from experience. We’re not to repay evil with evil but with blessing. When we do this, we’ll inherit a blessing—the eternal blessing of salvation.

Peter goes on to describe what a righteous person looks like by quoting Psalm 34:12–16 (vv. 10–12). Christ-followers should speak truth in loving ways. We’re to pursue righteousness, and when necessary, repent of evil and turn to good instead. We’re also to seek peace and reconciliation with others. As we live this way, God hears our prayers and His face shines on us in both the present and the future. Living righteously has benefits. It usually helps us get along with others (vv. 13–14). But even if following Jesus’ example does lead to suffering, we’ll continue to experience God’s grace and favor.

>> It is worth making note of the three key qualities in this passage: “love,” “compassion,” and “humility.” Why not choose one of these words and make it your focus for today or this week? Ask God to give you opportunities to follow Him by exhibiting this quality to others.

Pray with Us

Give us love that fears no rebuff, compassion that can’t be exhausted, and humility that magnifies Your greatness. As Your representatives, we ask You to equip us abundantly to proclaim Your goodness.

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