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Peace To You

Daily Devotional 1 Peter 5: 12-14

Mark, who you may know as the author of one of the gospels (v. 13), was a lifelong friend of Peter’s. In fact, Peter may have been the one who led Mark to trust in Christ, thus becoming his spiritual father. The early church met in Mark’s mother’s house, which is where Peter went when he was miraculously released from prison (Acts 12:12). In addition, Mark accompanied Paul and Barnabas on part of their first missionary journey, and Barnabas on a later missionary journey (Acts 15:36–39).

This is the true grace of God. Stand fast in it.

1 PETER 5:12

As Peter concluded his first letter, he summarized its two main purposes (v. 12). First, he wanted to encourage his readers with the power of God’s grace. Second, he urged them to “stand fast in it.” Peter had taught them that salvation has a transformational effect; we are not what we were. God guarantees that He will finish the work He began in us (Phil. 1:6). Second, he showed how these truths affect our lives, while recognizing our utter dependence on God’s strength.

Some think Silas may have been Peter’s co-author or scribe; it’s more likely he was the messenger who carried Peter’s letter to the churches in western Asia (v. 12). “She who is in Babylon” is probably a coded reference to the church in Rome. Babylon is a real city, but at that point in history it was mostly in ruins. The reference therefore likely indicates the current center of imperial power, which was Rome.

“Peace to all of you who are in Christ,” Peter concluded, exhorting them to greet one another with a kiss (v. 14). In that day, a kiss on the cheek conveyed good wishes and had been adapted by believers to signify brotherly love.

>> As we wrap up our study of 1 Peter, we encourage you to write in your journal or the notes section of the Today in the Word app about what God has taught you through this letter.

Pray with Us

Within the gift of salvation is the process of becoming more like Christ. How we thirst for the completion of this process! Lord, we worship You for Your gracious gift of sanctification!

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