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Daily Devotional Matthew 13:1–23

Have you ever tried to start a garden? The necessary ingredients are pretty basic: seeds, water, sunshine, and soil. But if any part of that equation is missing or less than ideal, the results can be disappointing!

The seed falling on good soil refers to someone who hears the word and understands it.


In Matthew 13, Jesus tells a series of parables (the highest concentration in any single chapter of Matthew’s Gospel). But Jesus is not just telling amusing anecdotes. He is using these object lessons to make an important point. In His two previous sermons, Jesus introduced the idea of His kingdom—its ethics (chapters 5–7) and its mission (chapter 10). In chapter 13, He answers many of the objections and concerns the crowds had about the coming kingdom, such as why it would not come about quickly.

Jesus tells of a farmer who scatters seed on various types of soil (vv. 3–8). Some seeds fall on the path, eaten by birds. Some fall on rocky ground, sprout quickly, but wither without deep roots. Some fall among thorns and are choked out. But the seed that falls on good soil flourishes, producing a bountiful harvest. This parable teaches us about God’s Word and the power of its presence in our lives. In Mark’s version of this parable, he states that the seed is the Word of God, and the soil is different levels of people’s receptivity to that Word (Mark 4:13–20). God’s Word is ever available, ever potent. However, the condition of our hearts determines how well we receive and cultivate His presence.

Just as a farmer prepares the soil before planting, we must prepare our hearts to receive God’s Word. This involves eliminating distractions, seeking forgiveness, and approaching God’s Word with openness and expectancy. When we allow His Word to take root in our lives, it not only transforms us but also produces fruit that benefits others.

Go Deeper

What can we do to prepare our hearts for God’s Word? What type of soil is your heart and how has that affected your time in the Word?

Pray with Us:

Dear Jesus, thank You for the parables You told while You walked on earth. They reach out to us centuries later with power and wisdom. Give us understanding and humility to learn from them and allow Your Word to dwell in us.

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