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Daily Devotional Mark 5:21–43

When Jesus walked the earth, He healed many people. He even raised some from the dead. With each miracle, He demonstrated His deity and His power. But He also showed His love for the hurting and lost. But Jesus’ healing went far beyond the physical.

Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.

MARK 5:34

In Mark 5, two individuals came to Jesus for healing. The first was Jairus, a synagogue official (v. 22). A well- respected man, whose daughter was dying, Jairus had heard of Jesus’ power and pursued Him in his most desperate hour. He fell at Jesus’ feet in front of the crowd and begged for help. Jairus believed Jesus could heal his daughter with only a touch of His hands (v. 23). And Jesus honored his faith by following Jairus home (v. 24).

However, a second person interrupted them—a woman who had been bleeding for twelve years. She was destitute, alone, and socially shunned (vv. 25–26). For fear of confrontation, she snuck through the crowd to place a finger on His robe. When she did, immediately, she was healed (v. 29).

Sensing the miraculous change in her body, she attempted to retreat unnoticed. But Jesus had more to do. The healing He had for her was not merely physical, so Jesus searched until He found her. She was trembling at His feet, but she told Him her story in “the presence of all the people” (Luke 8:47).

Notice that Jesus called her “daughter.” He changed her identity with a simple direct address and affirmed her faith (v. 34). Jesus’ healing was holistic. He gave her a voice. He restored her to community. And He bestowed on her both freedom and peace (v. 34). God loves us by providing such complete transforming power. We love Him by coming to Him in faith, humbling ourselves, and receiving the holistic healing He has to offer.

Go Deeper

How have you experienced the healing power of Jesus? What type of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing do you need?

Pray with Us:

Jesus, we are that synagogue official, we are that woman, who came to you for healing. With all the modern medical advances, we still need Your healing just like the people who saw You personally.

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