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Daily Devotional John 16:1–16

Years ago, I received a summons for jury duty. After arriving at the courthouse, I was chosen to be one of twelve jurors for a trial. However, I was dismissed after I said I was a pastor. Did the defense think I would be too strict? Did the prosecution think I would be too forgiving?

When he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth.

JOHN 16:13

In John 16, Jesus explains that He knew the disciples would be grieving. He wanted them to realize that His going was a good thing. He would be reunited with His Father, and the Holy Spirit, referred to in verse 7 as “the Advocate,” would come. The disciples were not yet familiar with the Holy Spirit Who would become an integral part of their life.

The Holy Spirit fulfills several roles, but one of those roles is one of the prosecutor of the world for its disbelief in Jesus, its rejection of His righteousness, and its alliance with the evil one who stands condemned (vv. 8–11). As a prosecutor, the Holy Spirit doesn’t need a jury, unlike our court procedures, because He is the Spirit of Truth.

As our Advocate, the Holy Spirit brings comfort and guidance. To the believer He reveals the truth which comes from Jesus Himself (vv. 13–14). Jesus could only share a limited amount of truth with His followers. Some things they were unable or not ready to understand. Like a parent concerned with what their child is ready to process, Jesus says, “I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear” (v. 12). When the Holy Spirit came, He would guide them into truth.

>> Is there a question in Scripture where you need clarification? Is there a decision that you need to make before the end of this year? Maybe you need help evaluating your options regarding a job or potential spouse. As you seek the Lord on these items, remember that the Spirit of Truth is ready and able to provide the wisdom and direction you need.

Pray with Us

You don’t always give us the answers we want, God, when we want, or in the way we want. At times it seems You give no answer at all! Help us trust You and follow You, regardless! We trust and seek Your wisdom, guidance, and truth.

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