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Daily Devotional Exodus 20:1–20

Psalm 112 says: “Blessed are those who fear the LORD, who find great delight in his commands.” This means that people who fear the Lord are, by definition, people who also delight in His commands. Once again two feelings, fear and delight, that we would not pair in ordinary life, are united in biblical worship.

The fear of God will be with you to keep you from sinning.

EXODUS 20:20

The Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 are famous throughout the world. They were the foundation of the Law of Moses and reflect God’s righteousness. If we desire to “find great delight in his commands,” this is the perfect place to start.

First, they remind us that we must worship God and God alone (v. 3). Second, the Israelites were not to make any images of God (vv. 4–6). This could easily lead to the idolatry practiced by nearby nations, as the Israelites themselves proved in the episode of the golden calf (Ex. 32). Third, they warned God’s people not to misuse God’s name, for example, by swearing or making false oaths, for such misuse is effectively calling God a liar (v. 7). Fourth, they taught Israel to find rest in God (vv. 8–11). This principle reaches back to Creation when God rested on the seventh day. Fifth, we’re to honor our parents, a command that includes both respect and practical care (v. 12). Commandments six through ten deal with our social relationships (vv. 13–17): Murder, adultery, stealing, lying, and coveting are all forbidden.

When they received these commandments, the Israelites “trembled with fear” (vv. 18–19). They recognized God’s greatness and power manifested and knew they were unworthy. Moses told them, “Do not be afraid” (the human emotion) while at the same time assuring them that the fear of the Lord would keep them from sinning (v. 20).

Go Deeper

Read the Ten Commandments again. How is the fear of the Lord connected to each one? How do these commands show what respect for God might look like?

Pray with Us:

Almighty God, as we read Your Ten Commandments, we are in awe of Your love and mercy. Thank You for establishing from ages past these foundations of morality that still hold true today. Guide our walk with You today!

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