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A Monumental Meeting

Daily Devotional Luke 1: 39-56

A friend of mine recently signed up for an overseas mission trip. During the training, she was excited to participate with her team. But as the departure date approached, her anxiety grew until she wondered if she could even make the trip. It’s one thing to accept God’s call on your life. It can be another thing to walk it out.

My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.

LUKE 1:46–47

Mary wasted no time in following the angel’s lead. She put feet to her faith and traveled for three days (80–100 miles) to visit her cousin Elizabeth and confirm Gabriel’s news. The meeting of these two mothers was a monumental event. Both women were experiencing miraculous pregnancies with eternal implications.

When Elizabeth heard Mary’s first “hello” and the baby John kicked in her womb, he was already pointing the way to Jesus. Elizabeth’s loud exclamation was not a result of her own emotion alone. It was directed by the Holy Spirit and full of humility. Her posture toward Mary foreshadowed her son’s ministry as he pointed to Jesus. Elizabeth overflowed with joy and awe. She graciously blessed Mary and expressed her honor at being a part of God’s new work.

Mary then voiced her psalm of thanksgiving. Verses 46 to 55, called the Magnificat, are rich in theology. The first half contains Mary’s praise for God’s blessing to her. Like Elizabeth, she expressed humility and honor at being chosen by God. Then Mary pronounced a general praise to God for His actions and His character, demonstrated to all people throughout time. She worshiped God for His eternal mercy and sovereign power—a power that defied human hierarchies. He had dethroned proud earthly rulers, elevated the humble, and provided for His people.

>> In both Elizabeth and Mary, we find examples of how to respond to God’s call on our life—even when that call might come with hardship and cause us fear. May we, too, put feet to our faith and humbly praise the God who continues to call.

Pray with Us

We, too, have been chosen to carry out Your purposes. Like Mary and Elizabeth, we glorify You, Lord, and rejoice in You, our Savior! May our joy in serving You forever increase.

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