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Time To Grow Up

Daily Devotional 1 Peter 1: 1-3

Earlier this year, my oldest daughter graduated from high school. To her mom and me, it seems like moments ago that we welcomed her into the world! Where did the time go? But growing up is inevitable. It would be strange indeed if our daughter had remained a cute baby all these years.

Taste and see that the LORD is good. PSALM 34:8

It would be even more strange if the believers reading Peter’s letter stayed spiritually immature indefinitely. He exhorts them to “grow up in your salvation” (v. 2). They were to begin “growing up” by ridding themselves of malice, deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander (v. 1). These vices showed a notable lack of love and truth.

When we’re “born again” (1:23), it’s logical to picture us as “newborn babies.” Spiritual growth begins with “spiritual milk," that is, we begin to digest easier truths and practices. As we consume this nourishment, we grow, mature, and become capable learning more (1 Cor. 3:1–2). Once we’ve “tasted that the Lord is good” or “experienced the Lord’s kindness” (v. 3, quoted from Ps. 34:8), we want more of Him! It’s like asking for a sample of an ice cream flavor and realizing that what you really want is a double-dipped cone of it. Commentators note that the word “spiritual” (logikos) in verse 2 is a play on words with “word” (logos), pointing to Scripture as the source of spiritual nourishment and growth.

All of this should follow our salvation—notice the word “therefore” in verse one. Because of what Christ did, and because God guarantees our eternal inheritance, and because our hope is sure, we should aim as children of God to grow up in our faith. We have no need to worry about failing, because the results are already safe in His hands.

>> Are you growing in the faith? Do you crave solid food? One way to encourage growth is to spend regular time reading God’s Word (like you are doing in these devotionals). As you read and learn, you will want more!

Pray with Us

How sweet it is to grow in You! Nothing is so exciting, humbling, and confidence-boosting! Thank You for Your tender nurturing of our fragile faith. Keep cultivating us, Lord! Help us grow strong and mature in You.

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